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I can’t articulate at the moment what I felt when I read this, but I definitely felt a deep soul agreement. Thank you!

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I hope some day to meet Julie Andrews but must say I have been well-acquainted with He Tried. And I so love your somewhat snarky voice and am so grateful when it arrives in my inbox. Thank you for making me take a second look at Job's wife and challenge that tired old narrative. Love to you, dear one as you make this world more beautiful.

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Hello to you my dear friend, waving from the Pacific Northwest where my roses are in bloom. Hoping that your two leaves have become four now on that newly named rosebush of yours.

Your random ramblings tickle me so, and at one point I laughed out loud, but honestly I don't remember which phrase it was that had me smiling so. Apropos of nothing, I am listening to Julie Andrews' autobiography "Home" on Audible and it is fascinating to say the least.

Wishing you the happiest of 39th years to you and your hubby and sending love your way.

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I have many a pondering about job’s wife as well. All of his losses were hers as well. I decided I would definitely cut her some slack and keep pondering. Your snark is beauteous, and I’m excited to read your words again. And I shall meet Julie Andrews and pray a blessing over her. 🤎

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