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Why Omnishambles?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines Omnishambles as—

a situation that is bad in many different ways, because things have been organized badly and serious mistakes have been made:

In 2012 omnishambles was the Oxford word of the year. I mean, really, it feels like it could be used to describe almost any year since about 2016… It also feels very apt in my every day life. Anyone out there relate?

Ever feel like days get away from you? Lists never get completely checked off? Like nothing feels very concrete anymore? Things get spilled, dropped, forgotten, overlooked, misplaced, and you wake up one day and find yourself somewhere you hadn’t expected…even though you thought you had ‘done it the right way’? Welcome to Omnishambles, I’m your host, Susan Mulder. Let’s journey this rambling path together….

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